Captured Moments

You may have noticed recently that Beth has been experimenting with her art style. Although this makes my life a little harder with regards to our marketing, her new 'Captured Moment' illustrations are nothing short of beautiful. The intention behind these is to capture not only peoples favourite moments and spaces, the likes of their first home or a favourite holiday destination, but also the settings of world-famous restaurants and businesses. By turning photos into forever pieces of artwork, these moments can be treasured. 

With our recent move to London, I have been busy reaching out to local businesses and sharing our portfolio with them with the hope (dream) that we can work alongside some of these incredible institutions. As some of you will know, we have always been a little food obsessed and the idea of working within this industry is pretty exciting. To be able to create artwork which could potentially feature on menu's, posters and even the walls is our dream and we'll be manifesting that until it happens. Below is one of Beths's first restaurant pieces, we have been lucky enough to visit Sri Lankan 'Hoppers' in London and their food is absolutely incredible. 

Keep an eye on our instagram @linesbybeth for more 'captured moments', thank you so much for reading x


Hoppers . London