Linesbybeth // House of Comms

House of Comms, 'an award-winning strategic communications agency based in Dubai' approached us and queried having their entire work team drawn in one continous line. We have had the pleasure of working with their co-founder Abby Wilks before and took on the task straight away, regardless of the fact that she had introduced it to us as a 'small project'!

All nine departments of employees at the marketing company were to be included in the profiles with all pieces of artwork featuring the House of Comms logo as well as the incredibly important slogan 'forever together'. This project took place last year throughout the peak of lockdown in Dubai and we saw it as a very powerful tool to ensure all 9 teams remained connected. 

Whilst our mum definitely missed the sight of her dining table (photos to follow) we loved creating these profiles and slowly building up the continous line of portraits. I have never created something to this scale so it took great organisation and attention to detail. I knew that all 9 departments would need to be linking not just within their own teams but also on a larger scale. 

We are so thankful to House of Comms for approaching us to create these special pieces and it will remain one of the most significant projects that we have been a part of. All of the profiles were hand delivered & we sincerely hope it made everyone feel connected in some way, despite the craziness of the world.