Linesbybeth // Cartier

When asked what the highlights have been so far with regards to running our start-up, our answer will always involve this particular collaboration. We were approached by Cartier late last year ahead of an anniversary lunch they were hosting at the new Arts Club in Dubai. Cartier's PR team requested custom name settings for each of the attendees, settings that would showcase the simplistic yet powerful spirit of Cartier's brand image whilst also recognising the efforts of each employee.

The job spec revolved around the idea that each name setting was to display a minimalistic continuous line design. Going back and forth between their design team, we settled on a panther design which was to also incorporate each attendees name in the single line. The panther represents elegance and beauty, two of the principal elements that Cartier is known for globally whilst this particular style of art captures the beauty of simplicity. The colours black and red were then chosen to further achieve this striking appearance whilst the timeless nature was also considered. 

 Cartier requested for the settings to be small in size yet powerful in nature and we feel that we achieved this with the final outcome. The name settings were then framed with the intention of each attendee taking theirs home, a forever keepsake. 

 It was a pleasure working with the incredible team behind this brand and creating something so memorable with them. Seeing our work showcased at the Arts Club has definitely been a highlight in our journey so far and we are very proud to have been involved in this project.