Linesbybeth // Heal

In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8th, we teamed up with the new and very popular coffee spot 'Heal Cafe' in our first ever live event. We spent the morning and afternoon introducing ourselves and our small art business to customers whilst Beth created complimentary art portraits for them to take away with them.

The team at Heal made us feel so at home and we really enjoyed speaking to new people, once we had gotten over our nerves. Live events are something that we are incredibly fortunate to carry out here in Dubai and we look forward to engaging in more of these in the future. 

The concept of continous line drawing has a major visual element so it was amazing to see Beth create artwork in the moment and to see the reactions of those she had drawn. Her work incorporates one characteristic of each person, whether it be their hairstyle, any facial hair or even their sunglasses. Each group that we met was drawn in one continuous line, bonding them together and highlighting the significance of not only International Women's day but also friendship. 

We thank Heal for welcoming us to their beautiful location and those who very kindly spoke to us on the day. It was an amazing experience and we can't wait for our next event.